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Guest Reviewer: Rob GinnivanQuantum Wellness by Kathy Freston

Full Title: Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness
Author: Kathy Freston
Weinstein Books (2008)
Number of Pages:
How long it took me to read:
11 days
How it was given to me:
One of the researchers on the Tidy Temple team recently introduced me to this book. Natasha Ginnivan, a PhD student at Australian National University suggested I read Freston’s Quantum Wellness to keep up to date on the latest thinking on health and wellness.

Like a Moth to a Flame

The holistic approach to a healthy mind, body and spirit caught my attention immediately.

Favorite Five

My favorite 5 quotes from this book are:

5. “Exercise is a way of achieving fitness across the board in each of the arenas of body, mind and spirit. By maintaining a moderate amount of exercise in your daily life (at least 30 minutes three to six times a week), you can significantly improve your overall well-being.” (p.32)

4. “Eating lots of fresh, raw salads is like sending scrubbing brushes through your digestive system, clearing away old, undigested, dead tissues, and mucus.” (p.88)

3. “Make suggestions to your body about ways it could heal.” (p.170)

2. “Any time you find yourself gripped with fear, remember: F – Focus on your breathing. E – Explore all the possibilities and make peace with them. A – Ask for spiritual assistance. R – Resolve to take all the pertinent steps.” (p.172)

…and my pick for the No.1 quote is…

1. “Over the years I have found eight areas of practice that are particularly powerful and compatible for wellness cross-training. They are: meditation, visualization, fun activities, conscious eating, self-work, spiritual practice, service and exercise.” (p.17)

Conversation with the Reader

While I read, I write, and as I write, I read. Here’s some of what I wrote while I read this book:

“Kathy elegantly covers the major aspects of health and wellness. In a step-by-step manner, she effectively outlines ways to maximize your full potential. From the eight pillars of wellness, I had already adopted meditation, fun activities, a diet of whole foods, exercise and helping others into my daily life. Quantum Wellness gave me insight into the other three pillars – visualization, spiritual practice and considering myself. Focusing on these additional areas is enabling me to create a holistic, balanced approach to living a better life.”

“The book made me realize that there is always something that can be improved. Adopting a balanced approach to navigating through the eight pillars of wellness inspired me and gave me greater confidence in myself to be able to optimize my disposition towards life. By improving on my visualization, helping others and more consciously adopting the spiritual practice techniques suggested in Quantum Wellness, I was able to breathe life into an inspiring new initiative that I’m very passionate about: my own health and well-being online service.”

“Early in the book, there is a ‘Wellness Check Up’ that is thought provoking and encourages you to put your guard down, and to be open and accepting to any weaknesses that could be strengthened within yourself. The author poses 4 sets of questions to think about:

What is bothering me most right now?
Think of physical symptoms but also consider your general emotional state.

What do I think are the material (real world or physical) causes?
What have you tried? What works and what doesn’t?

What are the emotional components?
How can you address this area?

Is there a spiritual lesson my Higher Self is trying to teach me?

“By addressing these questions with honest answers, I was able to identify the areas in my life that needed improving.”

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