Featured Author: Alain de Botton

Featured Author: Alain de BottonAnatomy of the Writer

What are writers for?

To put into words, and hence to clarify and preserve a record of, the feelings that we all have but that generally slip through our fingers. To provide a sense of self-recognition. To help us understand ourselves. To expand conscious and possibilities for empathy.

Quill and parchment or touch typing?

Touch typing in the day, notes scribbled down in a notebook late at night and in the early morning.

Required beverage while editing?


Describe your imagination.

I have none.

Anatomy of the Reader

Where’s your favorite place to read?

In bed.

Have you ever read one of your books for pleasure?

Definitely not.

What’s the one thing that the book you’re currently reading is missing?

It’s not long enough, but is wonderful. John Armstrong’s In Search of Civilization.

Uncustomary Traditions

Favorite places: deserts

Weaknesses: anxiety

Believes in: changing things for the better

Refuses to: succumb without a fight

Uncustomary Reviews of Author’s Work: The Art of Travel

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