Featured Author: Hilary Austen

Featured Author: Hilary AustenAnatomy of the Writer

What are writers for?

I don’t know about fiction writers, but writers in my arena are putting emerging ideas onto the page so we can all get a good look at them and, hopefully, contribute to important conversations and learning. That said, I hope in the day and age of tweets, blurbs, and pings we are taking time to elaborate ideas that would otherwise be overlooked or forgotten.

Quill and parchment or touch typing?

I scribble notes in all kinds of inconvenient places, lose them, and then try to piece my thoughts back together when I get back to my computer. I keep trying to get myself to use a journal, but I am too stubborn.

Required beverage while editing?

No beverage, but chocolate and the company of my pups is definitely required!

Describe your imagination.

My imagination is more conceptual than visual. I am always listening to people, watching, reading and then making connections. Most of that work happens in my imagination and then I have to figure out how to get it on paper. That has not been an easy job.

Anatomy of the Reader

Where’s your favorite place to read?

Sitting in my pastures or in a stall with one of my ponies. I don’t read fast and I often read out loud…my little horses are quite good listeners.

Have you ever read one of your books for pleasure?

Well, I’ve only written one book so far, but I do enjoy reading it now and again. Actually, I read it to remember what I said. I put most of the interesting ideas I have had in this book and I don’t want to forget them! Or worse yet repeat myself more than once!

What’s the one thing that the book you’re currently reading is missing?

I am currently reading “Incognito,” by David Eagleman. What a smart guy…he hasn’t missed much. I’m ready for him to broaden his audience (which I am sure he’s working on.) He has a lot to say that the world needs to hear.

Describe your perfect book in the form of a three-course meal.

I like a three-course meal, but I am an impatient reader. If it takes three courses to get there I start reading ahead. When eating, I am a small plate tapas kind of gal. So I like books that have a lot to say in every chapter. If they only have one idea—and take the whole book to get it out—I skip to the end.

Uncustomary Traditions

Favorite places: My horse barn, and my couch (when my puppies are there). And my outdoor kitchen, where I have a wood-burning oven!

Weaknesses: Michael Recchiuti chocolate; cookbooks

Believes in: the power of the creative spirit to change the world.

Refuses to: have boring conversations.

Uncustomary Reviews of Author’s Work: Artistry Unleashed

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