Featured Author: Manav Sachdeva Maasoom

Featured Author: Manav Sachdeva MaasoomAnatomy of the Writer

What are writers for?

What are babies for?

Quill and parchment or touch typing?


Required beverage while editing?


Describe your imagination.

Describe the flow of the sea.

Anatomy of the Reader

Where’s your favorite place to read?

Anywhere but America.

Have you ever read one of your books for pleasure?

To my child in her mother’s womb.

What’s the one thing that the book you’re currently reading is missing?

Nothing. Perhaps it could be more voluminous. Reading The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran now.

Describe your perfect book in the form of a three course meal.

Appetizer — Opening of the Myth

Main Course — Unpeeling the Myth

Dessert — Sealing the Myth

Uncustomary Traditions

Favorite places: airports where we are all migrants; anywhere on wheels; Indian roads on a rainy day with all the difficulties and its joys; ask me again in a year as I may be in a different place in my head; a tomato garden

Weaknesses: overpacking; buying books like they won’t be published again; good Indian chai

Believes in: Ram; Rahim; Ravan; Ray of Hope

Refuses to: sleep in late; believe in any drugs or alcohol as necessities for writing; drink bad chai

Uncustomary Reviews of Author’s Work: The Sufi’s Garland

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