Featured Author: Michael Benanav

Featured Author: Michael BenanavAnatomy of the Writer

What are writers for?

Opening minds, feeding imaginations and expressing truths—in ways that hopefully also entertain and engage.

Quill and parchment or touch typing?


Required beverage while editing?

Black tea with sugar or black coffee with no sugar.

Describe your imagination.

Sometimes like a kangaroo, bouncing along in it’s funny kind of way; sometimes like a bulldog, it grabs me and won’t let go; sometimes like a bird with a broken wing, feeling like it should be able to soar but is stuck fluttering on the ground.

Anatomy of the Reader

Where’s your favorite place to read?

In a tent.

Have you ever read one of your books for pleasure?

Not intentionally, but I‘ve been surprised by finding them mostly a pleasure to read.

What’s the one thing that the book you’re currently reading is missing?

It’s a book of short stories—and I only wish there were more in it.

Describe your perfect book in the form of a three course meal.

I’m not sure, but at the end I’d be full and still hungry for a little bit more, so sit savoring the last mouthful for awhile.

Uncustomary Traditions

Favorite places: the frigid swimming hole in the river that flows through the granite gorge behind his house; the sandstone wonderlands of southern Utah or Wadi Rumm; remote villages in foreign lands where he’s forced to depend on the kindness of strangers

Weaknesses: doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle; utters expletives frequently in casual conversation; can’t resist chocolate

Believes in: the truth of fiction; the value of wilderness; the benefits of sleeping late

Refuses to: join Facebook

Uncustomary Reviews of Author’s Work: The Caravan of White Gold

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