Featured Author: Nityasya Belapurkar

Featured Author: Nityasya BelapurkarAnatomy of the Writer

What are writers for?

Writers are responsible for creating worlds that their readers can escape to. They willingly take on the task of making fantasy appear realistic through a medium that is much more effective than any other since words have the ability to build extremely vivid images. They compel a reader to involve not just one but all of his senses.

Quill and parchment or touch typing?

Touch typing. I edit too much and way too often to write on paper.

Required beverage while editing?

Coffee – in endless supply.

Describe your imagination.

My imagination is like a separate entity. Like a whole, different person living within me. I’m always finding it (her?) attempting to take over my other, more rational self and more often than not, succeeding.

Anatomy of the Reader

Where’s your favorite place to read?

When I’m lying on the floor – but I read a lot of books online so I end up sitting on pretty uncomfortable chairs while I’m reading.

Have you ever read one of your books for pleasure?

No, it’s too weird. I’d never be able to read my own words without hating them.

What’s the one thing that the book you’re currently reading is missing?

Good writing style. A lot of books have really interesting plot and character development but the book I’m currently reading makes me feel as if the writer’s first language is not English. Her sentences are too awkward.

Describe your perfect book in the form of a three course meal.

Writing style is the first thing I look at when I read a book, making it sort of like the appetizer. No book is worth reading if its writing is bad. The book’s depth makes up the main course. A really good book needs to have lots of layers – characters that evolve over the pages, plot details that are actually interesting, funny dialogue. Finally, a writer’s sense of honest story-telling is what makes a book perfect. Honesty is an add-on, sort of like desert. A lot of books are completely devoid of it – characters are shallow, their emotions exaggerated – but my perfect book would be true in its description of life’s imperfections.

Uncustomary Traditions

Favorite places: coffee houses; tiny libraries with hidden shelves; record stores

Weaknesses: obscure Indie Rock bands/band members; watching trashy reality TV shows; losing cellular telephones once every month

Believes in: the power of insomnia; the therapeutic properties of cup-noodles

Refuses to: read sappy paranormal romances and books with damsel-in-distress heroines

Uncustomary Reviews of Author’s Work: You’re Not Alone

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