Reviewer Spotlight: Kate Dubinski

Anatomy of an Uncustomary Writer

Reviewer Spotlight - Kate DubinskiWhat’s the oddest thing you own?

Something called a NoseFrida, a Swedish device that allows me to suck snot from my baby’s nose using my mouth.

Any writing rituals?

Must have a pen and paper at hand, even though all my long writing is done on computer.

What substance (prescribed, illegal or from the freezer section) most inspires your writing?

White wine, coffee.

What’s the biggest advantage of your greatest disadvantage?

Being able to elbow my way through a large crowd virtually unnoticed.

Which language do you wish you could speak to ask what question to whom?

Don’t know.

Describe your relationship with inspiration.


The formula for the perfect day is:

A good sleep the night before, and the ability to sleep in until about 8am. Some outdoor activity, juicy steak for dinner, the company of friends, old and new, and my husband.

Anatomy of the Book

Do you prefer…

…chapter titles or chapter numbers? Numbers.
…short stories, a series, or a collection of poems? Short stories.
…footnotes, maps or indices? Indices.
…hardcover, softcover or digital cover? Softcover (though I am working on a love of digital cover).

Anatomy of the Reading List

What does your reading list look like? Is it a pile of books, a list of titles or a mental medley of thoughts?

Three books spread out throughout the house (bathroom, bedroom, living room) plus a list of ‘gotta read’ that is both written down in my notebook and exists in my mind.

Which book do you feel obligated to read next?

Orlando, by Virginia Woolf

Which do you actually wish you were reading right now?

Prisoner of Tehran, by Marina Nemat

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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Mariateresa Bombardieri says:

    One book I suggest reading : “Mary, called Magdalene” by Margaret George

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