Reviewer Spotlight: Heather Rae Butler

Anatomy of an Uncustomary Writer

Reviewer Spotlight: Heather Rae ButlerWhat’s the oddest thing you own?

Librarian and Jane Austen action figures.

Any writing rituals?

I always put Pandora on to the Billie Holiday station when I start a writing project.

What substance (prescribed, illegal or from the freezer section) most inspires your writing?

Coffee and chocolate.

What’s the biggest advantage of your greatest disadvantage?

Not having as much time to read and write, so what I do read is selective and what I do write is more thoughtful.

Which language do you wish you could speak to ask what question to whom?

Medieval Italian so I could ask Dante how much he really loved Beatrice.

Describe your relationship with inspiration.

It seems to be illusive when I really want it and then appears when I don’t expect it.

The formula for the perfect day is:

Coffee, a good book, and a comfortable leather chair snuggling with my puppies.

Anatomy of the Book

Do you prefer…

…chapter titles or chapter numbers? Chapter numbers.
…short stories, a series, or a collection of poems? A series.
…footnotes, maps or indices? Indices.
…hardcover, softcover or digital cover? Hardcover.

Anatomy of the Reading List

What does your reading list look like? Is it a pile of books, a list of titles or a mental medley of thoughts?

I always have a pile of to-read books that are scattered around my house.

Which book do you feel obligated to read next?

The Hunger Games series, especially since the movie is coming out soon.

Which do you actually wish you were reading right now?

Little Women. A classic and one of my favorite books.

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