Reviewer Spotlight: Aliza Scheiner

Anatomy of an Uncustomary Writer

Reviewer Spotlight - Aliza Scheiner

What’s the oddest thing you own?

A slab of rock that I pulled out of the ocean about ten years ago. A bit bigger than my hand when I stretch out my fingers, it’s heavy, and roughly triangular in shape. I thought I’d use it as a picture frame, somehow glue a picture on it. I brought it home, but it’s simply been sitting on my shelf since, a treasure unto itself.

Any writing rituals?

Usually sitting. A lot of banging my head in frustration, and frequent use of the backspace key.

What substance (prescribed, illegal or from the freezer section) most inspires your writing?

Anything that contains sugar.

What’s the biggest advantage of your greatest disadvantage?

Productive procrastination.

Which language do you wish you could speak to ask what question to whom?

Portuguese—although my mom’s from Brazil, I only know a few Portuguese words and phrases. I would love to ask my mom about her childhood and hear her response in her native tongue. There are just some things that can’t be translated.

Describe your relationship with inspiration.

Like two individuals who get into sporadic car crashes with each other: sudden and life-changing.

The formula for the perfect day is:

No worries, lots of sun, solid writing, topped with an amazing movie.

Anatomy of the Book

Do you prefer…

…chapter titles or chapter numbers? Never thought about it before, which I take to mean I don’t have a preference.
…short stories, a series, or a collection of poems? Both short stories and series; poems I tend to enjoy in smaller increments.
…footnotes, maps or indices? Maps.
…hardcover, softcover or digital cover? Softcover.

Anatomy of the Reading List

What does your reading list look like? Is it a pile of books, a list of titles or a mental medley of thoughts?

I’ve got a list of titles, which turns into a pile of books. Whenever I hear about a book, be it from a magazine or a friend, I either add the title to the reading list I keep on a pad of paper or I reserve it at the library right away. It depends on how eager I am to read said book, and how many books I already have piled up.

Which book do you feel obligated to read next?

I don’t really feel obligated to read books (unless one is due at the library). Normally, I just pick from the aforementioned pile of books, whatever pulls me in, depending on my mood.

Which do you actually wish you were reading right now?

Show of Evil by William Diehl—I’ve wanted to read it for a while now; it’s the sequel to Primal Fear, which I finished a little while ago, and I’m curious to see what happens to the characters.

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  1. esrealty says:

    You have an an interesting way with words, and a play on them as well. love to read you.

  2. mimi says:

    what can i say? i could feel your words, the sincerety, the spontaneity, always a pleasure read

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