Timeless You: An Invitation

Timeless You by Deepak Chopra

The UBR received an awesome gift today. We’ve been invited to participate in a new online course created by none other than Deepak Chopra. Timeless You celebrates the biology of youth and the wisdom of awakened experience. Offering an online course to compliment a published book is an interesting proposition: the reader can engage more deeply with the content and the author has an opportunity to participate more fully in the reader’s experience. In this case, Chopra developed this course to compliment Grow Younger, Live Longer.

We’re all for introspection and self-observation and to do it alongside Chopra himself was too incredible to miss. The online program, hosted on seminars.com, is divided into six parts, each focusing on a different aspect of youth. Given that I have a background in online learning, I’m particularly interested to see how he uses the medium to connect with people on what promises to be a profound journey into a deeper sense of Self.

Why Participate?

I buy a lot of Groupons for discounted yoga classes. It gives me a chance to explore new studios and pushes me to continue cultivating my practice. This week, I’m about to finish a 40-class pass to my favorite yoga studio. Perhaps I’ll buy some more classes with them once I use up my other Groupons, but I’ve got quite a few to go through before I let myself buy more.

This, of course, is all a side note to what I’m trying to say. You see, before each class, I close my eyes, settle into a comfortable position on my mat and enter the silence. Within that silence, I wait. I wait patiently for my intention to come to me. What intention, you ask? Well, before each class I set an intention for my practice—a sort of purpose that I then fuel with my active meditation. Yesterday, before class, the following intention came to me: “I enjoy physical fitness.” And so, I dedicated my practice to welcoming the joy of physical fitness into every one of my experiences.

The class was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and woke up today with unexpectedly enjoyable muscle pains. Tonight, I have another class, this one more daunting because it’s more advanced, but I’m walking into the experience with all the joy that’s willing to come with me. That is what yoga is about for me.

How does this relate to why I was drawn to participate in Deepak Chopra’s new online course, Timeless You? Synchronicity. In describing the sixth part of the course that focuses on joyful exercise, something clicked. If my intention yesterday was to invite the joy of physical fitness into my life, and today I get an invitation to participate in a program that honors and celebrates this joy, how can I possibly refuse?

I invite the joy of physical fitness into my every experience. And so it is. And so we begin…

With that, The UBR invites you to take this journey with us as we progress through each of the six courses in the Timeless You program. Every day this week, we’ll share with you our experiences of each stage of the program. You’re welcome to join us in participating in the course as well (get started by clicking here), or simply read along and enjoy the ride.

Tomorrow we’ll feature the first course in the Timeless You program: “Changing Perceptions.” Let the journey unfold!

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    It seems to be very interesting … let’s experience with you !

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