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Reviewer Spotlight: Kate Dubinski

What’s the oddest thing you own? “Something called a NoseFrida, a Swedish device that allows me to suck snot from my baby’s nose using my mouth.”

Yes China!

…I’ll admit, it’s nerve-racking to find yourself in a foreign country, in a classroom full of expectant students, trying to teach a language that’s supposedly your mother tongue. It’s more complicated than you’d think. It was my first time in front of a class.

This Mobius Strip of Ifs

How difficult and lonely, the writer’s life. And how much more difficult it is made by asinine editors and bloggers and reviewers who choose to belittle rather than offer real, engaging discussion. Freese is obviously a writer, one of those rare people who writes to write, but then also works damn hard to get his stuff out there, to be read, to get an audience. ‘I am not averse to hawking my books,’ (p.49) he says.

Prisoner of Tehran

Unloved, she continues. Beaten, she continues. Raped, she continues. Forced to convert from Christianity to Islam, she continues. Watching her friends tortured and killed, she goes on. Watching her husband killed and made to go back to prison, she goes on. Released into sorrow and insensitivity, she continues. This woman has an incredible will to live. And she doesn’t just continue or…

Good Night, Sleep Tight

…I know I can let her cry, and she rarely goes on for longer than five minutes before drifting back off. It’s almost empowering, to know that my pat on the bum, song or rub will get her through a bit of crying before peaceful slumber. Hell, I sleep better after I’ve had a good cry, so why should she be any different just because she’s a baby.

One Day

…it drives me nuts that she’s so needy, so mousy and meek and almost lives for Dexter’s approval, lives to see Dexter every year, and doesn’t have any self-confidence. I know people like that exist, but I feel like she’s a caricature. Get a grip, woman!

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

My mom knew my friends when I was a kid and made sure my peers were on the right path in life. Mom didn’t tell me until much, much later which of my friends she thought may have been a bad influence, but made sure I was busy with other activities if a particular friend who she didn’t approve of wanted to play. When I was a teenager…

Meet the Team

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