The Uncustomary Book Review

What we’re all about…

Our mission is to show you books through the eyes of readers.

We let you in on the secret of what first attracted us to the books we’ve read (yes, sometimes we do judge books by their covers).

We give you our pick of the Top 5 Quotes that leapt off the page, and sometimes you may even learn a New Word or two.

Because we’re writers, we tend to write a lot when we read. To give you a glimpse into the intimate journeys we take with books, we’ll also share our personal reflections with you for your enjoyment (or scrutiny…in which case, be nice!).

We promise not to…

…weigh you down with another version of a synopsis that’s already written on the back of the book cover.

…waste valuable Internet real estate with a summary of main characters or of a discussion of subplots.

What do you get out of an Uncustomary Book Review?

Knowing what attracted us to a book gives you clues about whether you’d be interested in giving it a few dog ears of your own.

Our favorite 5 quotes won’t necessarily give you an idea of what the book is about, but they will reveal when the book became real to us (which is more than can be said for most dry plot outlines).

And…reading what bubbled up to the surface when we bathed in the cascades of words our chosen authors poured over our imaginations might inspire you to decide which book to take on your next cerebral exploration (or beach vacation—no judgment!).

In case you’re wondering why we don’t rate the books we review…

It’s because we’ve found that numeric scores often depend more upon a reader’s mood than on the actual reading experience, which really isn’t fair to the books. Not to mention that there are almost always some sections of books that rate higher than others, but since we’ve never really enjoyed wearing the mathematician’s hat, compiling sub-scores to calculate averages just seems to take away from the pleasure of reading. So, to make a long story not quite as long as it could be, we prefer to let the words do the rating for us.

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