Timeless You: Mindful Eating

A review of Deepak Chopra’s fifth course in his new online program: Timeless You: Mindful Eating.

Timeless You: The Mind-Body Connection

A review of Deepak Chopra’s fourth course in his new online program: Timeless You: The Mind-Body Connection.

Timeless You: Healthy Relationships

A review of Deepak Chopra’s third course in his new online program: Timeless You: Healthy Relationships.

Timeless You: A Youthful Mind

A review of Deepak Chopra’s second course in his new online program: Timeless You: A Youthful Mind.

Timeless You: Changing Perceptions

A review of Deepak Chopra’s first course in his new online program: Timeless You: Changing Perceptions.

Timeless You: An Invitation

A introduction to Deepak Chopra’s new online course: Timeless You.

April Book Giveaway

April 2014 Book Giveaway: My Seductive Cuba by Chen Lizra. Enter to win. The winners will be notified by the end of the month.


How often do we look around to make sure we are reacting the way we ought to? There are many aspects of my life that I keep private; I assume other people wouldn’t understand. But why should I be afraid of someone’s inability to see things my way? Isn’t part of what makes us human the very fact that we’re all so different?

Delightful Hands

I think it would be very intimidating for a man to be told, forthright, that a woman wants him to be knowledgeable, skillful, adept, gentle, persistent, and confidently able to pleasure her in many different ways. That list describes the idealized hero of a formulaic harlequin novel, not a real person.


This story of a young woman slowly prising herself free from a dead marriage and discovering the Earth come to life around her in ways that she had never expected, is the eternal experience of a brightening morning after dark, moribund night. It reflects my own up and down relationship with the book itself: the mechanical dissonance versus the emotional intelligence. It’s also the kind of tale rarely told in environmentally-focussed books: more a celebration of what surrounds us than a mourning for what we have destroyed.

The Death of a Beekeeper

When I get home, I look at the cover of the book—it’s a black and white photograph of a landscape that’s very typically Swedish: the flat, well worn rocks extend out to the sea; a spit of land fringed with birches and pines juts out into the water. It’s a calm scene and now that I have been lulled into stillness, images and thoughts that have been buried beneath layers of noise and activity float up into my mind’s eye.

Going Home in Flood Time

I like to think that men have more reverence for it, since they can’t fully understand it. Women will bite each other down to the bone over disagreements on medications, labor, caffeine, breastfeeding versus bottle feeding, bedtime routines—I rarely hear men weigh in on any of it, and I think it’s not from a lack of caring, but because they’re so busy loving and respecting the mothers of their children, wanting happiness of those they love most.

March Book Giveaway

March 2014 Book Giveaway: Dark Chatter by Andrew Branch. Enter to win. The winner will be notified by the end of the month.

The Folio Prize

The Folio Prize aims to recognise and celebrate the best English-language fiction from around the world, published in the UK during a given year, regardless of form, genre or the author’s country of origin. It is the first major English-language book prize open to writers from all over the world and it’s sponsored by none other than The Folio Society. The Uncustomary Book Review happened to be working with The Folio Society…