Portrait of a Folio Illustrator: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in creating illustrations for a Folio book by peaking into Karen’s world as she works on the visuals for Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote .

Portrait of a Folio Illustrator: Tiger in the Smoke

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in creating illustrations for a Folio book by peaking into Finn’s world as he works on the visuals for Tiger in the Smoke by Margery Allingham.

The Folio Society

This week, we take an intimate look inside The Folio Society in a 4-part feature series.

È Pronto!

Ecco, con le ricette di Parodi ho fatto il giro del mondo. Ci sono diversi piatti inglesi, americani, nord africani. Vivendo in Inghilterra mi sono sentita fiera di trovare piatti inglesi nel libro. Generalmente la frase più frequente che si sente dire sulla cucina inglese non è molto educata. La cucina nord africana è anche essa a me carissima. I miei nonni sono nati in Tunisia e il cuscus di mia mamma penso sia imbattibile.

And the Mountains Echoed

Bleak mid-winter is not, perhaps, the ideal time for reading this dark tale and reviving old ghosts, but my love (and dread) of a good story endures; the beauty of Husseini’s writing is compelling and his ability to tell a good yarn is spellbinding.

February Book Giveaway

February 2014 Book Giveaway: The Tale of Telsharu by Valerie Mechling & Samuel Stubbs. Enter to win. The winner will be notified by the end of the month.

Pod Mocnym Aniolem

Wiem, że alkoholikiem może być każdy z nas, i profesor i lekarz i karmiąca matka i tramwajarz. Wiem, bo znam ich wszystkich. Otrzymują od społeczeństwa szacunek i podziw, a niejednokrotnie nie wiemy że są zwykłymi alkoholikami, którzy po powrocie do swojej własnej rodziny sieją lęk, strach i terror. Wiem, bo byłem członkiem takiej rodziny.

Cotto e Mangiato

Nel libro si parla spesso di ‘piatti inventati per riciclare gli avanzi del giorno prima.’ Cosa molto nobile evitare di buttare il cibo rimasto. Malgrado tutto, invece di riciclare preferirei pensare ad evitare gli sprechi. Certo, la parola riciclo fa tanto tendenza—e non parlo del campo culinario necessariamente—ormai si trova dovunque. Io non sono pienamente d’accordo.

Under The Jacaranda

Home, of course, is where the heart is, but there is great comfort to be found, I believe, living where you don’t have to explain yourself; where an unspoken glance and even a shared silence is understood; where repartee and sense of humor is shared and the familiar is everywhere; where we blend in and belong.

Haute Culture Press

An interview with Luis de Miranda, founder of Haute Culture Press.

January Book Giveaway

January 2014 Book Giveaway: Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. Enter to win. The winner will be notified by the end of the month.

Potega Mitu

Rytuały dają nam często poczucie kontroli nad naszym światem. Niedawno sam czyściłem własne mieszkanie przy pomocy białej szałwii i zastanawiałem się czy zrobiłem to prawidłowo, a cóż naprawdę znaczy ‘prawidłowo’ jak nie fakt dostosowania się do mitów, więc mimo naszej wiedzy…

The Inheritance: And Other Stories

How could the person closest to her be the only person who doesn’t read her work? I completely understand not wanting anyone to read your writing—the words a writer creates are her flesh; rearrange them and she’ll bruise; cut them out and she’ll bleed—but to bare yourself to the rest of the world and not share yourself with your husband?

Orgasmic Birth

The memories of swaying my hips while dancing in a bar or the astonished looks of prom dates who saw me in uncustomary glamour for the first time are nothing compared to me now as I stand in front of a mirror looking at my swollen belly, full of life. Yes, even with the dark stripe dividing me in half, the bright blue veins that stretch across my middle like rivers over a globe, and the red striations on the underside of my stomach that line me like a ripe jalapeño.