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And the Mountains Echoed

Bleak mid-winter is not, perhaps, the ideal time for reading this dark tale and reviving old ghosts, but my love (and dread) of a good story endures; the beauty of Husseini’s writing is compelling and his ability to tell a good yarn is spellbinding.

Under The Jacaranda

Home, of course, is where the heart is, but there is great comfort to be found, I believe, living where you don’t have to explain yourself; where an unspoken glance and even a shared silence is understood; where repartee and sense of humor is shared and the familiar is everywhere; where we blend in and belong.

Reviewer Spotlight: Gaye Kelly

I admit to being a worrier—with a capital W. You might think there cannot be any possible advantage to wasting time and emotional energy on worrying about what might be, but I’ve just realised there is one: I’m rarely taken by surprise and I’m unconsciously prepared for whatever the world might throw at me…

Bring Up The Bodies

The novel comes across to me, therefore, as a study of the role of those hidden, behind-the-scenes, unelected advisors and the power they can wield, with impunity, to great effect. Coming, as I do, from a background in human resource training and development and having a particular interest in leadership and human behavior, the book appeals on several fronts…

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Because prejudice about working women with children still exists, I always felt it necessary when my children were young, never to draw attention in my working life to the fact that I was a mother of three. As a consequence, I secretly struggled, juggling the multi-tasks necessary…

New Finnish Grammar

Is it more difficult to be physically alone, in an isolated place, or to be without a friend in a crowded city? In a world of almost total connectivity, we are never far from the Twitter-sphere. Although I’m not on Facebook, I am blessed with real friends and a large family.