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River Cottage: VEG Everyday!

There are no pumpkin seeds in my cupboard, no tomatoes drying in the watery British sun, and no fresh beetroot monopolising my vegetable basket. There are however, two litres of meat stock, a dozen marrowbones and several pig’s cheeks in my freezer. Perhaps I have been guilty of the same close-mindedness of the people I chastise for not even trying a lamb’s kidney. By consistently viewing vegetables as the supporting act for meat, I have ignored a veritable cornucopia of nature’s bounty.

È Pronto!

Ecco, con le ricette di Parodi ho fatto il giro del mondo. Ci sono diversi piatti inglesi, americani, nord africani. Vivendo in Inghilterra mi sono sentita fiera di trovare piatti inglesi nel libro. Generalmente la frase più frequente che si sente dire sulla cucina inglese non è molto educata. La cucina nord africana è anche essa a me carissima. I miei nonni sono nati in Tunisia e il cuscus di mia mamma penso sia imbattibile.

Cotto e Mangiato

Nel libro si parla spesso di ‘piatti inventati per riciclare gli avanzi del giorno prima.’ Cosa molto nobile evitare di buttare il cibo rimasto. Malgrado tutto, invece di riciclare preferirei pensare ad evitare gli sprechi. Certo, la parola riciclo fa tanto tendenza—e non parlo del campo culinario necessariamente—ormai si trova dovunque. Io non sono pienamente d’accordo.


One area in which King shines is in his ability to write compelling characters. In the opening scenes of the novel, King introduces a carney who works at Joyland, and within about four paragraphs, I have a well-rounded impression of who this character is and why I already find him charming. One descriptive…

Bel Canto

How is love measured? Can it even be measured at all? Different people show love in different ways, so I would think it would be difficult to quantify. It’s easy for us to assume that ‘if someone loved us, they would do…’ but perhaps that isn’t necessarily true either, particularly if there are different kinds of…

Confessions of a Prairie Bitch

Her stories of hurt, anger, and isolation brought forth painful childhood memories I thought I had long tucked away. I spent much of my youth bullied by the same kinds of mean girls Nellie represented. I remember the day the most popular girl in the school gave me a note from my…

For The Roses

I love how Garwood starts each chapter with a letter that the characters wrote to their Mama Rose for several years before the ‘start’ of the story. It gives me glimpses of the past without breaking the momentum of present events. Some are short and funny while others are lengthy…


How much one-to-one time do we give our children really? Not one-to-one while we’re washing up or while we’re thinking about something else, but true one-to-one time where we actively listen to our children and give them an opportunity to really speak to us…

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union

I’m amazed at what I’ve learned about my own religion. I was brought up Jewish and educated in all the rules and rituals. As I grew older, I moved away from many of these rituals. It’s interesting (and sometimes moving) how a single image of Jewish men waiting for the sunset to…

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Over time, I learned that just because you don’t say a lot doesn’t mean you don’t have strength, intelligence or guts. You can be an observer and a participant. It’s the balance of the two that gives a person a good compass for how to adjust to change. And after all, the whole world doesn’t need to know every detail of your existence. I respect Charlie. It’s obvious that something bad happened to him…


One of the reasons that I return to this series over and over is because I like the characters. I’m interested in them and their relationships. I’m particularly invested Robin character. She builds custom guitars in her backyard workshop and I think that’s very cool. It’s the relationships…

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Every time I read this book, it’s as if I’m reading it for the first time. I’m amazed at the way in which it works on so many levels. Each reading leads me to a new discovery. The first time I read it I was a student, and I was fascinated by the book’s compelling use of magic realism.

I Capture the Castle

I, like many people I’m sure, knew Smith only as the author of 101 Dalmatians. What a wonderful surprise to find in her the creator of a strikingly hilarious, sharp, and quick-witted bildungsroman unfolding so beautifully on these pages!

Faery Tale

For me, learning about faery paths, faery forts, and faery bridges invokes the sense of wonderment that Pike strives to capture. I now look at things differently when I’m out walking. Maybe a faery left that rock, shell, or feather lying across my path. Who knows?