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Thrones of Desire

The human desire to submit has always fascinated me. I mean, domination makes sense from an evolutionary stand point. Submission, less so. But it is something that I have even felt in myself from time to time, and it is a reoccurring theme in many forms of literature. There is something universal about it, and the only way I’ve ever been able to explain it is this: there is a euphoria that accompanies freedom from responsibility.

Delightful Hands

I think it would be very intimidating for a man to be told, forthright, that a woman wants him to be knowledgeable, skillful, adept, gentle, persistent, and confidently able to pleasure her in many different ways. That list describes the idealized hero of a formulaic harlequin novel, not a real person.

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Featured Author: Kathy Freston

Describe your imagination. All over the place. I imagine how the world would be if we were kinder. But I often imagine what it feels like to be a helpless animal in a bad situation (factory farm or experimental lab)…

Featured Author: Manav Sachdeva Maasoom

Favorite places: airports where we are all migrants; anywhere on wheels; Indian roads on a rainy day with all the difficulties and its joys; ask me again in a year as I may be in a different place in my head; a tomato garden

Featured Author: Thomas A. Bass

What’s the one thing that the book you’re currently reading is missing? I just finished reading Julian Barnes’s Homage to Hemingway. It could have been twice as long.

Featured Author: Alain de Botton

What are writers for? To put into words, and hence to clarify and preserve a record of, the feelings that we all have but that generally slip through our fingers. To provide a sense of self-recognition. To help us understand ourselves. To expand conscious and possibilities for empathy.

Featured Author: Michael Benanav

Describe your imagination. Sometimes like a kangaroo, bouncing along in it’s funny kind of way; sometimes like a bulldog, it grabs me and won’t let go; sometimes like a bird with a broken wing, feeling like it should be able to soar but is stuck fluttering on the ground.

Featured Author: Hilary Austen

Anatomy of the Writer What are writers for? I don’t know about fiction writers, but writers in my arena are putting emerging ideas onto the page so we can all get a good look at them and, hopefully, contribute to important conversations and learning. That said, I hope in the day and age of tweets, […]

Featured Author: John David Mann

It is quite clear to me that the things I write are not me—or more accurately, they are partly me, but partly other stuff that just flew through me. It’s a little like watching your grown children: there’s some familiar DNA there, but then there’s this whole other existence you can only stand back and watch with amazement.

Featured Author: Michelle Maisto

Writing, for me, has always started with a desire to as closely as possible commit to the page a moment/feeling/idea/image just as it is in my head. With that accomplished (or very nearly) I can move forward and explore where the piece is going, though still not in any way I’d necessarily call creative. It’s maybe the reverse. I try to be open but disciplined — I’m in search of a thing that…