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Featured Author: Mark David Gerson

What are writers for? Writers are for expressing the truths of the human heart into words on the page. Writers are for finding the universal in the human experience. Writers are for painting worlds of wonder beyond the conscious imagination.

Featured Author: Laraine Herring

Describe your perfect book in the form of a three course meal. A little bit of smokey, steamy haunted soup, fresh from the deepest swamp, followed by pure Carolina pulled pork BBQ (with the vinegar) so you’ve got some meat to hang the ghosts on, ending with a touch of yellow cake with chocolate icing so there’s enough sweetness to pull people through the darkness of the vine-covered trees.

Featured Author: Stephen Clarke

Usually I scribble notes in a notebook (I always have one on me) – ideas for scenes, scraps of dialogue, jokes, then as soon as I get time I sit at the computer and type the ideas out in full. I hardly ever write actual book text by hand, mainly because my writing is so illegible that I’d finish a chapter and then have no idea what I wrote a day earlier.

Featured Author: Nityasya Belapurkar

A really good book needs to have lots of layers – characters that evolve over the pages, plot details that are actually interesting, funny dialogue. Finally, a writer’s sense of honest story-telling is what makes a book perfect. Honesty is an add-on, sort of like desert. A lot of books are completely devoid of it – characters are shallow, their emotions exaggerated – but my perfect book would be true in its description of life’s imperfections.

Happy Uncustomary Anniversary!

The month of August is a month of celebration for The Uncustomary Book Review! It marks the first year anniversary of the site, and we’ve got a lot to celebrate! In addition to publishing uncustomary book reviews this month, we’ve also planned a few treats for our readers.

Season’s Greetings from UBR!

As the season of celebration cascades upon us, drenching us in treasured traditions, we would be remiss here at The Uncustomary Book Review to deny…

Uncustomary Approach

I don’t normally get a chance to write to you, mostly because you’re always so busy reading me. But the funny thing is that when you read me, you’re not actually reading my words, but those of the author who put me together. Oh, if only you knew how much I wished you would hear my subtle whispers…