Book Submission

Mr. ReviewSo, you have a book you want to promote, huh? And you’re scouring the web, looking for ways to tack reviews of your book onto the social media bulletin board? Fair enough. Every labor of love deserves its time in the light. Good on you for being such a proactive promoter!


The Basics

What types of books does UBR review?

We review the books that inspire us. Please don’t ask us to fit a mold.

Do I have to pay to get my book reviewed?

Now, how objective would that review be?

No, this is not a pay-for-review service.

Will my book actually get featured on the site?

We don’t accept every review request we receive, but if we agree to take the journey with your book, then it will most definitely be featured on the site.


Eligibility for Submission

Availability for Sale

Your book doesn’t have to be available for purchase in retail bookstores, but we’d like our readers to be able to buy it if they like it (which is what we assume you want, too), so you’ll ideally have yourself setup on Amazon or some other online retailer before submitting your book to us for review.

Does UBR consider self-published books?

It can be self-published as long as it has the backing of a team of relentless editors.

Can I send you a digital copy of my book?

You can if you want to, but we only have a few reviewers who actually enjoy reading books on their eReaders.

Does UBR accept ARCs?

Absolutely! If they’re signed by the author, that’s even better!

Does UBR accept book galleys?

Of course!

Books We Do Not Accept

No technical textbooks, architectural digests, law journals nor medical reviews. None of the works of discredited scientists (but Galileo is still ok). No books housing secret compartments for contraband, and sorry Cicero, but no lorem ipsum either. No books requiring 3-D glasses or special eReaders, and unless it lends itself to deep reflection and takes longer than an hour to read, no children’s books please.


Reviewer Preference

Meet the Uncustomary TeamYou’re welcome to request that a particular reviewer review your book, but you don’t have to. If you haven’t done so already, you’re invited to meet the reviewers now. If you’re not sure who you’d like to have review your book, skim through some of our featured reviews on the homepage to get a feel for their writing.

If you have a reviewer in mind, please include his or her name along with your initial submission. If you don’t have a preference, you can leave that information out.


Accepted Book Submissions

If you’re interested in reading the reviews of the books that have been accepted so far, here’s the list.


What to do next:

If you’d like us to consider reviewing your book, simply fill out and submit the form below.

Acceptable file types: gif,jpg,jpeg,png,tif,tiff,bmp,pdf.
Maximum file size: 5mb.