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This story of a young woman slowly prising herself free from a dead marriage and discovering the Earth come to life around her in ways that she had never expected, is the eternal experience of a brightening morning after dark, moribund night. It reflects my own up and down relationship with the book itself: the mechanical dissonance versus the emotional intelligence. It’s also the kind of tale rarely told in environmentally-focussed books: more a celebration of what surrounds us than a mourning for what we have destroyed.

Goodbye, Jimmy Choo

“…it’s difficult for me to legitimize the choice I made to put my own career aspirations on hold so that my husband could attain his. I have the nagging insecurity that comes with never having been completely independent, never having lived entirely by my own wits. I was raised to associate financial independence with adulthood. By taking on a domestic role, I fear I have doomed myself to perpetual adolescence.”

I Think I Love You

For me, the most compelling scene of part two so far is when Petra re-discovers David Cassidy. With nothing else to cling to, she rekindles her relationship with David. This is her safe place when life is uncertain. I understand that. Growing up, I used music and the fantasy of a teen idol to distract myself from my insecurities. By pouring myself into these obsessions, much like Petra, I discovered my own safe place.

One Day

…it drives me nuts that she’s so needy, so mousy and meek and almost lives for Dexter’s approval, lives to see Dexter every year, and doesn’t have any self-confidence. I know people like that exist, but I feel like she’s a caricature. Get a grip, woman!