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This Mobius Strip of Ifs

How difficult and lonely, the writer’s life. And how much more difficult it is made by asinine editors and bloggers and reviewers who choose to belittle rather than offer real, engaging discussion. Freese is obviously a writer, one of those rare people who writes to write, but then also works damn hard to get his stuff out there, to be read, to get an audience. ‘I am not averse to hawking my books,’ (p.49) he says.

You Better Not Cry

When you can’t conceal your laughter on a train full of stern and snippy commuters, you know it’s good. When you consider buying a copy for everyone you know this Christmas, you know it’s good. When you pull it out of your purse on date night and start re-reading parts to your hungry date as he tosses his fork under the table just to be able to hide from your hysterical laughter, and you…

The Art of Travel

When I read de Botton admit to having guiltily scoffed down three pain au chocolat while making sure no one saw, I catch a reflection of myself in the author. You see, it just so happens that I too recently ate numerous pains au chocolat in guilty rapid succession while visiting France. In my defense, they were miniature packets of pleasure…