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Birth Matters

It is much harder to go along the unknown path, doing research that will almost certainly end up frightening you, and finding out whether your insurance will cover the costs of a midwife. It is scary not to know whether your friends and family will support this controversial decision, a decision that would fly in the face of their decision to stay on the beaten path. But it was when off the beaten path that I learned what I was capable of…


I think one of the things that scares people about parenting is that frightening responsibility, that fear of doing something wrong, but you overcome that fear each day and when you go to sleep, you do it knowing an even greater love, and finding yourself capable of so much more than you could have imagined. Having someone’s life in your hands each day, being the center of someone’s world, is a terrifying reward in itself.

Sleeping With Your Baby

Dr. McKenna’s studies showing the emotional and neurological impact of having one’s baby nearby in the night is good affirmation for the many parents who have continued to follow their instincts in spite of social convention. A move back to these roots is exciting. Parents shouldn’t feel frightened, shamed, or pressured out of doing what they feel is right for their families.

Potega Mitu

Rytuały dają nam często poczucie kontroli nad naszym światem. Niedawno sam czyściłem własne mieszkanie przy pomocy białej szałwii i zastanawiałem się czy zrobiłem to prawidłowo, a cóż naprawdę znaczy ‘prawidłowo’ jak nie fakt dostosowania się do mitów, więc mimo naszej wiedzy…

Orgasmic Birth

The memories of swaying my hips while dancing in a bar or the astonished looks of prom dates who saw me in uncustomary glamour for the first time are nothing compared to me now as I stand in front of a mirror looking at my swollen belly, full of life. Yes, even with the dark stripe dividing me in half, the bright blue veins that stretch across my middle like rivers over a globe, and the red striations on the underside of my stomach that line me like a ripe jalapeño.

The Writing Life

I don’t care how many people like Jane Austen; I don’t care for her and I never will. I can’t be intellectually pressured into liking her, Poe, Dickinson, or Hemingway. I’m sure this makes me a terrible English Major, but I never would have published their works.

Yes China!

…I’ll admit, it’s nerve-racking to find yourself in a foreign country, in a classroom full of expectant students, trying to teach a language that’s supposedly your mother tongue. It’s more complicated than you’d think. It was my first time in front of a class.

Twilight of the Elites

While many of these powerful people believe that they are the best and the brightest, that simply isn’t true. I look no further than George W. Bush to invalidate that premise. Many of the best and brightest are living simpler lives, focusing on healing themselves and others in a spiritual tradition of love, compassion, equality, soulfulness, and creativeness, thereby not raping the environment or one another…

This Mobius Strip of Ifs

How difficult and lonely, the writer’s life. And how much more difficult it is made by asinine editors and bloggers and reviewers who choose to belittle rather than offer real, engaging discussion. Freese is obviously a writer, one of those rare people who writes to write, but then also works damn hard to get his stuff out there, to be read, to get an audience. ‘I am not averse to hawking my books,’ (p.49) he says.

Prisoner of Tehran

Unloved, she continues. Beaten, she continues. Raped, she continues. Forced to convert from Christianity to Islam, she continues. Watching her friends tortured and killed, she goes on. Watching her husband killed and made to go back to prison, she goes on. Released into sorrow and insensitivity, she continues. This woman has an incredible will to live. And she doesn’t just continue or…

The Newtonian Casino

With the almighty power of hindsight, I realise this book is more about slow progress and steady determination over an extended period of time, polar to the world of flashing lights and speed into which it first plunged me. Perhaps the juxtaposition of styles between the first two chapters was intended to highlight this difference between the Las Vegas lifestyle and that of the scientists attempting…