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Birth Matters

It is much harder to go along the unknown path, doing research that will almost certainly end up frightening you, and finding out whether your insurance will cover the costs of a midwife. It is scary not to know whether your friends and family will support this controversial decision, a decision that would fly in the face of their decision to stay on the beaten path. But it was when off the beaten path that I learned what I was capable of…


I think one of the things that scares people about parenting is that frightening responsibility, that fear of doing something wrong, but you overcome that fear each day and when you go to sleep, you do it knowing an even greater love, and finding yourself capable of so much more than you could have imagined. Having someone’s life in your hands each day, being the center of someone’s world, is a terrifying reward in itself.

Sleeping With Your Baby

Dr. McKenna’s studies showing the emotional and neurological impact of having one’s baby nearby in the night is good affirmation for the many parents who have continued to follow their instincts in spite of social convention. A move back to these roots is exciting. Parents shouldn’t feel frightened, shamed, or pressured out of doing what they feel is right for their families.

Orgasmic Birth

The memories of swaying my hips while dancing in a bar or the astonished looks of prom dates who saw me in uncustomary glamour for the first time are nothing compared to me now as I stand in front of a mirror looking at my swollen belly, full of life. Yes, even with the dark stripe dividing me in half, the bright blue veins that stretch across my middle like rivers over a globe, and the red striations on the underside of my stomach that line me like a ripe jalapeño.

Bringing Up Bebe

We made quite an entrance: the only ones with a stroller walking into a fashionable dining lounge spotted with floor-to-ceiling torches and foot-long miniskirts. To top that image off for you, imagine me knocking a glass to the floor with my diaper bag on my way to our table. The glass shattered so loudly that it overshadowed the music throbbing out of the invisible wall speakers. But we did it! We managed—quite comfortably—to have a lovely dinner on the quieter outdoor patio…

Good Night, Sleep Tight

…I know I can let her cry, and she rarely goes on for longer than five minutes before drifting back off. It’s almost empowering, to know that my pat on the bum, song or rub will get her through a bit of crying before peaceful slumber. Hell, I sleep better after I’ve had a good cry, so why should she be any different just because she’s a baby.