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Going Home in Flood Time

I like to think that men have more reverence for it, since they can’t fully understand it. Women will bite each other down to the bone over disagreements on medications, labor, caffeine, breastfeeding versus bottle feeding, bedtime routines—I rarely hear men weigh in on any of it, and I think it’s not from a lack of caring, but because they’re so busy loving and respecting the mothers of their children, wanting happiness of those they love most.

Mythology of Touch

Maybe I’m just saying that I like Dockery’s poetry because it’s not entirely a mystery to me. I legitimately feel that by expressing herself, she has taught me a little more about my own self. Her prose poems, especially, remind me of Robert Frost in their conversational tone, a strange mingling of speech and stream of consciousness, with just a pinch of song.

Perpetual Patterns

If there’s one thing that doesn’t resonate with me, it’s safe writing. It’s often sterile, boring, and shallow. When writers distance themselves from their words, they end up filling pages with an excuse to write, often without saying anything of much substance. I’ve only just started…

Under Sonoran Skies

It’s not easy for me to begin reading a book of poetry. Poetry wastes no time drilling into the depths of the cavities I desperately pretend are just stains. It has a way of crippling my defenses and ripping open my heart to the meanings between the letters.

The Sufi’s Garland

The book is in part a celebration of the 150th anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore’s birth into this world – a world of which he attempted to make sense despite the many illogical catalysts that veer life’s travelers off their paths. It isn’t even with reverence that I approach such a painter of words, for that would minimize the expanse of Tagore’s contributions. It is more with timidness…

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