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Quotes on Truth

de Botton, Nepo, and Stone reveal their truths.

Quotes on Pain

Mate, Gerson, and Wraeththu on the pains of pain.

Quotes on Love

Pearson, Browning, and Bernstein and…love.

Quotes on Landscapes

de Botton, Goldberg, and Turnbull share with us the views of their landscapes.

Quotes on Explanations

Coelho, Freese, and de Saint-Exupery on the different colors of explanations.

Quotes on Persistence

Austen, Braman, and Herring and their very different takes on what it means to be persistent.

Quotes on Travel

Coelho, de Botton, and Rayle touch on the topic of travel.

Quotes on Mistakes

Alcott, Godin, and the mighty Vonnegut shed some like on the makeup of mistakes.

Quotes on Death

Coelho, Maasoom, and Nepo broach the infinite topic of death.

Quotes on Writing

Gerson, Herring, and Goldberg write about writing.

Quotes on Language

Benanav, Stone & Parker, and Tagore talk about the impact language has on culture, separation, and literature.

Quotes on the Paths We Choose

Herring, Durstin and Stone & Parker take us on a journey of choosing the right path.

Quotes on Rules

Head, Sass and O’Conner tell it like it is when it comes to rules.

Quotes on Perception

Tagore, Burg & Mann and Maasoom discuss the altering effects of perception.