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Dark Chatter

I enjoy the character of Quicklime Petterson so much because I don’t understand him at all as a person. In fact, I’m feeling confident enough to say that I probably understand him less than any fictional character I’ve read about in the last few years.


I really like Victor Mancini as a character, but I have a hard time caring about the situations in which he’s placed. He presents everything he does in this larger-than-life way, and it’s getting to the point where his narrative is just too grand to relate to. It’s as if the plot never quite finds its focal point. Sometimes Victor’s a sex addict. Sometimes he’s an actor. Sometimes he’s the angel…

Deadeye Dick

What a start. I’ve never read a better description of life contained within such a sparse number of words. In three tiny paragraphs, Vonnegut captures all of its wonder and all of its pointlessness; the hellishness of being born into a world where countless billion human lives have already…


A writer with enough skill and acute observation can write about absolutely nothing and make it interesting, but our modern culture batters us with a deluge of drama.  When nothing happens for long periods of time, even a superbly written nothing, our attention can easily drift.