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The Inheritance: And Other Stories

How could the person closest to her be the only person who doesn’t read her work? I completely understand not wanting anyone to read your writing—the words a writer creates are her flesh; rearrange them and she’ll bruise; cut them out and she’ll bleed—but to bare yourself to the rest of the world and not share yourself with your husband?


The creature described here far better conveys the notion of disparate human parts sewn together into a living ragdoll, creating a more nightmarish apparition than the budget-limited design of Universal. Yet it is the latter that has persisted through so many incarnations. The question of why this should be is not something I intend to consider in a review of the book (although I might archly suggest that…

The Hobbit

I’m amazed that many of the events in this book slipped so easily from my memory, as this read-through has scored them there indelibly. The forest, the mountains, the lake – it is the first book I have read for some time that captures such a sense of location, as if I’d been walked through the land by a professional cinematographer. That it achieves this using such uncomplicated, plain words is a…


Reading Constantine’s work is a strange experience. There’s a level of momentum involved. I don’t know whether it’s the flow of her sentences, the way she puts words together, or the fact that I don’t know what’s happening half the time, but it takes me a while to read at a steady pace.