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Thrones of Desire

The human desire to submit has always fascinated me. I mean, domination makes sense from an evolutionary stand point. Submission, less so. But it is something that I have even felt in myself from time to time, and it is a reoccurring theme in many forms of literature. There is something universal about it, and the only way I’ve ever been able to explain it is this: there is a euphoria that accompanies freedom from responsibility.

The Inheritance: And Other Stories

How could the person closest to her be the only person who doesn’t read her work? I completely understand not wanting anyone to read your writing—the words a writer creates are her flesh; rearrange them and she’ll bruise; cut them out and she’ll bleed—but to bare yourself to the rest of the world and not share yourself with your husband?

Scorpion Soup

I feel a little irked by the lack of real delineation: each story has its own title, flush right in big letters, but that’s not really the beginning of a story. The real beginning is the beginning of the first story in the book. It’s a bit misleading, but there is something in it that delights me, too. It may be stringing me along in spite of myself, but if I have a goofy grin on my face the whole time, why should I complain? I’m being whisked off to places I’ve never seen before. It feels ungrateful to complain about not knowing where the magic carpet is going when I should focus on the fact that I’m flying on a magic carpet.

Dr Franklin’s Staticy Cat and Other Unbelievable Tales

So it turns out that ‘Dr Franklin’ is a reference after all—but to a different doctor than the one I had in mind. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so let’s just say that the title story is a brief but delightful re-imagining of a tale that most children on Rolli’s side of the Atlantic will likely be familiar with; a re-imagining that combines lessons in both science and history with the author’s ever-inventive, almost absurd, take on life.

The Heath Introduction to Fiction, 6th Edition

The Internet, in spite of its negative aspects, provides an opportunity to diversify. We have easier access to global fiction and a much larger map of less familiar worlds than ever before in our history. We should explore those worlds fully with innocent, wondering eyes, not thrash around in their waters…

God’s Autobio

Short stories, when well-written, are not forgettable because they are ineffective, or lack meaning, but because so many come at such a quick pace, wave after wave crashing upon you before you can draw another breath. Therefore, to anyone who might read this book, my advice is to take your time. Enjoy each tale as it comes, and resist the impulse to move immediately on to the next one. Appreciate each…

Under Sonoran Skies

It’s not easy for me to begin reading a book of poetry. Poetry wastes no time drilling into the depths of the cavities I desperately pretend are just stains. It has a way of crippling my defenses and ripping open my heart to the meanings between the letters.

Women’s Short Stories Volume 1

The storm, being a metaphor for repressed sexual desires, illustrates what can happen when women are faced with what society expects from them and what they really desire. Ah, the Victorian Age. How did we ever keep a lid on women’s sexual nature for so long? Warning, don’t play certain parts of this story in your car while you have the windows down. It took me several long seconds fumbling for the volume control while the person…