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How often do we look around to make sure we are reacting the way we ought to? There are many aspects of my life that I keep private; I assume other people wouldn’t understand. But why should I be afraid of someone’s inability to see things my way? Isn’t part of what makes us human the very fact that we’re all so different?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Over time, I learned that just because you don’t say a lot doesn’t mean you don’t have strength, intelligence or guts. You can be an observer and a participant. It’s the balance of the two that gives a person a good compass for how to adjust to change. And after all, the whole world doesn’t need to know every detail of your existence. I respect Charlie. It’s obvious that something bad happened to him…


Matt’s heart and home were with his father, who died while working on the Aurora, making that the last bond to him. So the Aurora is more than a ship; it has become his home by becoming something of an avatar for his father. And if home is an extension of self, the way my…


For me, dystopian literature is made up of more than just stories about the end of the world. It’s a glimpse of an alternate universe, a huge ‘what if’ scenario that makes me question things, whether it be powers of authority or simply my own life choices. Delirium has several layers to it, several stories beautifully woven into one novel. The world that Oliver has created puts a new spin on what society and the future might…


I am a future high school English teacher and I think that being able to cast aside judgments and expectations will be an important factor to being a successful teacher. Luna taught me several different things that I wish to bring into my classroom, the most important being that it is necessary to come from a place of understanding.